Game improvement hybrids for 2012

Struggling with the long irons? Find yourself a game improvement hybrid...

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Wed, 18 Apr 2012
Game improvement hybrids for 2012

Lee Trevino was out playing golf in the rain one day, when he heard the rumble of thunder and lightning. He took out his 1-iron and held it up over his head, before speaking to the packed gallery: “Now I’m safe. Not even God can hit a 1-iron.”

If that’s how the six-time major champion felt about his long irons, then what hope is there for the rest of us?

The answer is simple...the hybrid – an iron-wood club that has taken the golf world by storm in recent years.

A key factor of its success lies in its head design, moving the centre of gravity lower and farther back from the clubface and making the ball much easier to launch.

The benefits of the club - also known as a utility or baffler - are endless. Not only can it be used from tight lies on fairways or when the ball is nestled down in the tangled rough, it's an adaptable tool to chip with from the fringes of the green.

Here are seven of our favourite game-improvement hybrids for 2012...

Callaway RAZR X HL

The Callaway RAZR X HL Hybrid is designed to be highly versatile, helping amateurs hit higher, longer shots that fly straighter even on miss-hits.

Callaway claims the clubface of the RAZR X HL Hybrid utilises a zero roll design that increases distance with softer landings, while vertical CG optimisation allows for a lower CG.

The hybrid is also fuelled with an inertia driven design to create exceptional forgiveness and includes an increased hosel offset that helps square the clubface at impact.

Available in 3H (21-degree), 4H (24-degree) and 5H (27-degree) with Callaway RAZR X HL graphite shaft (L, R, S). RRP £145.

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