Get back on track with Plaser

Laser down the pins with new golf swing plane training aid

Get back on track with Plaser

Although Jim Furyk and Jim Thorpe might not agree, golf coaches around the world believe a correct swing plane is vital to lowering scores.

So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pro, you might want to get your hands on the most precise golf swing plane training aid available - The Plaser.

This unique, patented practice 5-iron, which includes the Plaser swing plane track and instructional DVD by PGA professional Jon Farmer, features two lasers to provide instant feedback on your swing plane – one laser is mounted in the grip and the other in the hosel.

With regular practice, the Plaser will train your body and mind to consistently repeat the correct swing plane, while enhancing better ball striking on the course.

“Plaser visually shows you how to hit consistently better shots,” said European Tour professional Simon Wakefield. “My fellow pros love this and I would recommend Plaser to every golfer.”

To unlock the Luke Donald or Rory McIlroy in you, try and keep the lasers’ green dot between the two lines on the Plaser swing plane track.

Plaser is available in right or left handed versions and costs just £149.99 from  

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