Golf drivers - why get custom fit?

GolfMagic readers get custom fitted for Cobra Fly Z and Fly Z+ drivers

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Thu, 30 Jul 2015
Golf drivers - why get custom fit?

Driver custom fitting benefits - Cobra Fly Z... by GolfMagic

With no such thing as a one-size-fits-all driver in 2015, given the variety of heads, centre of gravity positions and adjustable gadgets, there has never been a better time to get custom fitted.

Especially when a new premium driver sets you back at least £200. 

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Driver data - highlighted by a launch monitor - becomes of vital importance for a club fitter when fitting a player to a new driver.

Information reveals things such as player's clubhead speed (to help determine shaft flex), ball speed, spin rate, launch angle, carry distance and total distance.

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We rounded up three GolfMagic readers and sent them to Silvermere Golf Club to get custom fitted for Cobra Fly-Z and Cobra Fly-Z+ drivers to see how much their driving improved. 

Watch the video above to see how they got on

During each Cobra driver fitting, our three readers noticed a significant improvement in their distance, accuracy and backspin.

Four-handicap player Andy Cousins was fitted to a Cobra Fly-Z+ driver (orange head, 10-degree, weight back, stock stiff flex with one extra layer in the grip) and received an eight-yard gain in total distance against his current driver (288.3 yards as opposed to 280.5 yards). His clubhead speed also bumped up 1.1 mph (100.8 mph from 99.7 mph).

"I received an extra 10 yards carry and 10 yards total distance with the Fly-Z+ driver," said Andy. 

Dave Brown, off an 11 handicap, was also fitted to a Cobra Fly-Z+ driver (blue head, 11.5-degree, weight back, Aldila Tour Blue 65 regular flex, stock grip) and although he only picked up three yards in total distance (248.1 yards against 245 yards), his accuracy improved and his spin rate came down dramatically from 2870 RPM to 2230 RPM.

"Compared to my old driver, I was losing one or two shots to the right, but I didn't get that with the Cobra Fly Z+ driver," said Dave.

"It was a lot more consistent, there was a higher ball flight and my spin rates went down. The dispersion was much better, too."

Matt Wells, an 18-handicap player, was fitted to a Cobra Fly Z driver (blue head, 12-degree, X flex stock, stock grip) and like Andy, received an eight-yard gain in total distance (303.8 yards from 295.4 yards) and greater forgiveness. His clubhead speed had been trimmed slightly (110 mph to 107 mph), but there was an improvement in his spin rate (2200 RPM to 2024 RPM) and a more consistent launch angle at 10-degree.

"I hit a couple of shots out the middle and couple off centre, but they were still going about the same distance," said Matt.

"The accuracy of the Fly Z driver was also one of the reasons why I wanted this fitting. It's great the ball goes far but if it doesn't go where you want it then there isn't much benefit. I could not be happier with this club."

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