Iron/hybrid combo set from Nicklaus

Polarity HP clubs to help get the ball airborne

Iron/hybrid combo set from Nicklaus

Nicklaus Golf, owned by the 18-times major champion and based in West Palm Beach, Florida, is releasing a new combination set of six irons and two hybrids. The Nicklaus Polarity HP set promotes the benefits of stability and balance through its patented 'extreme polar weighting system' originally designed for the Polarity MTR irons by Clay Long.

Says Long:  “The importance for golfers to be able to achieve an optimum launch angle with their irons – and simply get the ball up into the air easily – cannot be overstated. These irons feature thin face and a lower profile head, which allows for a lower centre of gravity to create a higher ball flight.

Traditional weighting on irons is toe to heel,” he says  “With our new irons, weighting has extreme distribution from the toe to the hosel for maximum twist resistance and a tighter shot dispersion.”

Nicklaus Polarity HP Irons are offered in standard (right hand only) sets of two graphite hybrids and six steel irons (£499) or two graphite hybrids and six graphite irons(£599). Lightweight women's shafts are also available.

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