Irons and hybrids: More Ping detail

High launch and forgiveness the key to G15 and i15 irons and hybrids

Irons and hybrids: More Ping detail
Irons and hybrids: More Ping detailIrons and hybrids: More Ping detail
The Ping G15 hybrid (left) and the Ping i15 hybrid - separately distinctive looks

Ping has revealed the specifications of the G15 and i15 irons it plans to launch in mid-August to succeed the popular G10 and i10 irons. The accent is on high launch and forgiveness for the G15s and more control and workability on the i15s.

The Gainsborough-based company is also introducing G15 and i15 hybrids - distinctly different in looks but aimed at achieving similar goals for the abilities of the players at whom they're targeted.

ping golf clubs
The Ping G15 iron

Ping says the technology of the G15 iron (recommend price £80 each for steel shafts; £95 for graphite) delivers a forgiving, high launch ball flight thanks to the cast stainless steel iron’s cavity design, a new tuning port and wider sole. The clubs are available from 3-9 iron, with four wedge options and four flexes in steel and graphite.

The i15 iron has been designed as a progressive set, larger, more forgiving long irons and smaller more workable mid and short irons, all with a tungsten toe insert, stabilizing bar and tuning port to aid feel and sound. Available 3-PW in steel or graphite at £85 or £100 per club respectively.

Ping 's new G15 hybrids have been engineered as a high-launching, forgiving alternative to long and mid irons, with an iron-style face and hosel design to increase launch angle and reduce spin.

Cost per club will be £120 (steel shaft) or £135 (graphite), available in five lofts (17, 20, 23, 27, 31 degrees) and multi flex options.

For golfers who prefer a traditional hybrid shape and size, the stainless steel i15, says Ping, offers a Tour-preferred trajectory, penetrating ball flight and lower spin rates with the 17, 20 and 23-degree lofts three shaft, multi-flex choices. Cost per club is £140 for steel or £155 for graphite.

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