Launching the Houdini hybrid

Hippo's latest described as 'the great escape club'

Launching the Houdini hybrid
Hybrid golf clubs
Houdini hybrid

Hippo is introducing Houdini hybrids to its range of 'entry-level' drivers and fairway metals, describing them as 'the great escape clubs!'

With its shallow face design and cut-away sole, the Houdini claims to deliver a better ball flight and minimise drag at impact from almost any lie. The result, says Hippo, is 'powerful penetrating shots' from variety of lies, including the rough.

Designed with a low torque 75g graphite shaft, Houdini Hybrids are available in 18, 21, 24 and 27-degree lofts in a regular flex only. recommended price is £49.99.

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