Mizuno MP-H5 irons

Luke tests out new Mizuno MP-15 and MP-H5 irons, and MP-T5 wedges

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Tue, 23 Sep 2014

MP-H5 / The difference between Luke Donald and a 1-handicap amateur

Donald also took the hollow technology MP-H5 long irons for a test run – and was happy to see the long irons peak with less spin than their predecessors. Donald was one of the first to play Mizuno’s original Fli-Hi long iron replacements, starting a trend amongst better players to ditch their traditional long irons.

Voshall said: “We’d made a test bag for Luke with his normal split of hybrids and traditional irons – but we wanted his feedback on the MP-H5 mid and short irons too. They’re a little bigger than Luke is used to playing, but we’ve kept the MP proportions intact – so it doesn’t take long for the eye to adjust.”

Voshall is a fair player himself with a 1 handicap but hitting balls side by side with Luke highlighted the difference between a leading tour player and a good amateur player.

“I’d like to trick myself that I’m close, but the difference in ball striking was pretty clear. I hit it out of the middle a little less often than Luke, but there was 10mph difference in ball speed as well. It’s why Luke only needs the 2 or 3 iron in MP-H5, where someone like me should be make the break higher up the set. It’s the MP-H5’s assistance with launch that’s the biggest help to someone with slightly less ball speed.”

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