Motocaddy launches innovative EASILOCK technology

New bag connection system offers super-easy option for golfers

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Fri, 28 Mar 2014
Motocaddy launches innovative EASILOCK technology

MOTOCADDY promises to offer golfers the most convenient and effortless connection system for their cart bags and trolleys with the introduction of EASILOCK technology.

In a ground-breaking first for the trolley market, the exclusive EASILOCK system – featured across all new Motocaddy trolleys and bags this year – is designed to lock the cart bag onto the trolley and remove the need for a lower bag strap.

Two holes on the trolley’s bag support are aligned with two pins on the base of all new Motocaddy cart bags; ensuring golfers can lock their bag onto the trolley before using the upper bag strap to secure it completely.

The two pins on the base of each new trolley bag are removable, so golfers have the option of taking them off to fit an older Motocaddy trolley or other branded models on the market. The trolleys are also supplied with easily detachable straps to allow them to be used with non-EASILOCK bags.

“The EASILOCK technology meets the needs of modern-day golfers, who we know through research are looking for quickers ways of getting their trolley and bag onto the golf course,” said Motocaddy's Marketing Manager Oliver Churcher.

“We’re all familiar with that feeling of having to bend down to secure a lower bag strap, but this new technology removes that problem and we’re proud to be the first brand to offer this feature.”

The new EASILOCK range of bags and trolleys will be available from March onwards.

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