Motocaddy S3 Digital update

Some users have been disqualified!

Motocaddy S3 Digital update
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The latest Motocaddy S3 Digital

Several golfers who are owners of Motocaddy S3 digital powered trolleys have had been disqualified or barred from playing in competitions under Rule 14-3.

This follows some recent confusion regarding use of the temperature setting on the award-winning Motocaddy S3 digital trolley.

Rule 14-3 states that the use of a thermometer during the course of a stipulated round is contrary to the Rules of Golf. The temperature setting on the Motocaddy circut board is also linked to the distance measuring device and as you can't have one visible without the other, it puts the distance measuring in breach of the Rule, too, though such a facility is allowed under some Local Rules.

Motocaddy S3 digital models purchased prior to April 1, 2009 have unfortunately, on occasions, fallen foul of this rule. Confusion has arisen over golfers using the S3 Digital during a competition round without switching to 'competition mode', which is in breach of Rule 14-3.

Says Motocaddy's managing director Rod Brown: “I can assure all of our existing customers who purchased a Motocaddy S3 Digital before April 1 2009 that their model is perfectly legal for use in competitions. We have been assured by the R&A that as long as the screen is put into 'competition mode' which disables the temperature reading by taking it off the screen altogether, no rule is contravened.

“The S3 digital has always been legal and all owners have to do is press the left and right buttons on the handle simultaneously for a couple of seconds to engage 'competition mode',” he added.

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Motocaddy S3 Digital trolleys released after April 1, 2009 have had the temperature display removed

Motocaddy has removed the temperature setting from all S3 digital models sold after April 1 this year.

The Motocaddy S3 Digital features an innovative digital control panel which not only controls the cart but also gives the user an abundance of impressive features including adjustable distance control (ADC) which allows the user to set the trolley to travel any distance between five and 60 yards/metres, a speedometer, clock, battery meter and distance readings.

These readings that can be reset at any time, allowing golfers to measure the distance of their drives, how far past a yardage marker their ball is, or even measure how far they've walked during a round.

In addition, a total distance reading which measures the lifetime distance of the trolley in miles or kilometres. All readings are taken from the revolutions of the axle. The inbuilt 'competition mode', allows distance readings to be temporarily disabled should the need arise.

Available in black or titanium, the Motocaddy S3 Digital retails at £369.99 with an 18-hole battery and £399.99 with a 36-hole battery and is available direct from Motocaddy on or from leading pro shops and golf retailers across the UK and Europe.

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