Mouth-watering new Cleveland drivers

Three new versions out in February

Mouth-watering new Cleveland drivers

Cleveland Golf is pinning its hopes in 2011 on three new models of driver in its Launcher Ultralite series which, it claims, have been engineered to deliver a unique combination of feel, clubhead speed and workability - the term used by pros to shape the ball through the air.

It’s a mouthwatering prospect and Cleveland fans will be anxious to get theier hands on the drivers in February.

Since the original metalwoods were first mass produced in the early 1990s, manufacturers have been able to reduce the overall weight of drivers from around 350 grammes by more than a third, with the Cleveland Ultralite XL 270 version just 270gms, despite its maximum 460cc head size.

The TL 310 (440cc) with its Tour trajectory and SL 290 (460cc) - lighter with a faster head speed - are only slightly heavier while Cleveland’s Right Weight fitting system enables players to find the most suitable head and shaft combination for them.  The TL310 is offered with 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 degree options in right or left-handed versions, while the SL 290 has the added benefit of a 12-degree model.

The XL 270 is available in right- and left-handed standard and draw models with 9-, 10-5 degree versions but available only in RH for the 12-degree model. A women’s TL270 is available in high trajectory (12 deg) only.

All the drivers will have a recommended retail price of £239.

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