New Cleveland irons: CG7 and CG7 Tour Black Pearl

'Bursting with new technology to help improve your game'

Richard Green
Thu, 15 Oct 2009
Cleveland's CG7 iron (left) and CG7 Tour Black Pearl iron

Two new sets of irons have been added to Cleveland armoury of quality equipment for 2010 - the Cleveland CG7s and the Cleveland CG7 Tour Black Pearl irons.

As you can see from pictures pictures, both sets of irons look sensational thanks to a low-glare black finish. But it’s not just about cosmetics with the CG7s. These irons are bursting with new technology that will help improve the quality and consistency of your iron-play, say the makers.

golf irons
Address profile of the new Cleveland CG7 irons

Among the features of the new irons are the milled ZIP grooves more commonly associated with the company’s legendary wedges.

The grooves are 35% bigger than previous Cleveland models and have been milled to the very limits of size permitted by new R&A and USGA rules that come into force for Tour players in 2010. Laser milling between the grooves increases the friction on the clubface even further, ensuring the best possible contact between ball and club.

But spin and control aren’t their only assets - Gelback Technology dampens vibration by using a lightweight, injection-moulded insert that covers the perimeter of the cavity and the base of the head.

While it might not totally eliminates vibration from the off-centre hit, the visco-elastic insert will certainly helps minimise any bone-shuddering shock-waves that can go with any miss-hit.

With heel-toe weighting and Dynamic Micro-Cavity Technology both ball flight and stability have also been optimised for the sort of precision shot-making these irons deserve.

The Cleveland CG7 irons and Cleveland CG7 Black Pearl irons will be available from November 1, priced at £499 (3 or 4 - PW with steel shaft), £499 (4-PW, graphite), £439 (5-PW, graphite), £575 for CG7 Tour steel shafts (3-PW) and £549 for CG7 Tour with graphite shafts (4-PW).