Nike VR Pro Blades in November

Built to the spec its Tour pros demand

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Fri, 22 Oct 2010
Nike VR Pro Blades in November

Nike Golf has revealed the new Nike VR Pro Blades its leading Tour professionals will be using in 2011- featuring new X3X conforming grooves for 'a cleaner and more consistent ball flight and spin.'

They also feature a new precision-forging technique that immediately delivers the club to a near-finished level, eliminates most hand work and ensures consistency and maximum performance, says Nike. 

Its engineers says the grind and profile on the VR Pro Blades is the same as its predecessor, the VR Forged TW Blade irons with a slightly different centre of gravity to assist with the shot-shaping its Tour pros demand. 

The Nike VR Pro Blades will be available from November, in right and left-handed models, priced at £720 for 3-iron to pitching wedge with three Dynamic Gold steel shaft flex options.