No Gripes with Lamkin!

New cleaning wipes offer convenient solution for keeping golf grips clean and tacky

No Gripes with Lamkin!

With the recent explosion of white and colour golf grips, the issue of grip cleaning and maintenance has become a hot topic.

A common complaint from golfers involves the difficulties associated with keeping their light-coloured grips looking good.

Thankfully grip manufacturer Lamkin has addressed the issue with the introduction of Gripes grip cleaning wipes that come 15 to a package with each wipe capable of cleaning up to five grips.

Gripes work on all rubber and synthetic rubber grips and are safe to use on all Lamkin grip materials including the 3GEN and new ACE 3GEN compounds.

“I've been talking about the benefits of proper grip cleaning and maintenance for years, but the subject became much more relevant with the widespread acceptance and use of white and colour golf grips,” said Lamkin President and CEO Bob Lamkin.

“Other than keeping your grips looking great, regular cleaning actually reactivates surface tack and enhances the overall durability of the grip.

“While Gripes Grip Cleaning Wipes are a great way to keep white and colour grips looking like new, I’m hopeful golfers using traditional black grips will also use the cleaning wipes to keep their grips feeling like new. The difference in surface feel between a dirty grip and a clean grip is really remarkable.”

Lamkin Gripes carry a recommended retail price of £3.95. For more information visit  

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