PING rolls out new Craz-e-r and Ketsch Mid putters

Cadence TR putter range grows stronger with addition of Craz-e-r and Ketsch Mid

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Wed, 15 Jul 2015
PING rolls out new Craz-e-r and Ketsch Mid putters

PING has strengthened its Cadence TR putter range this season with the launch of new Craz-e-r and Ketsch Mid putters.

Cadence TR Craz-e-r

The new TR Craz-e-r putter represents a variation on the Craz-e, one of the most successful and enduring models in its history, 

On first look, a continuous, floating white sightline extends from the top of the black PVD head to the back for easy alignment at address. 

This high MOI putter is offered in a traditional-weight (blue) precision-milled aluminium insert or a heavy (black) stainless steel insert.

The traditional-weight head will typically fit golfers with faster tempos and can help with lag putting, while the heavy version adds mass to match slower-tempo strokes, typically leading to better results on shorter putts.

RRP: £199 (adjustable); £175 (non-adjustable)
 350g (traditional); 383g (heavy)
Stroke type: Straight, Slight Arc and Strong Arc
Adjustablilty: +/- 2º from standard lie angle


Cadence TR Ketsch Mid

The Ketsch Mid has a smaller, more compact head than the original Ketsch mallet currently in play on many pro tours.

It offers a 100% milled, aerospace-grade aluminium body to ensure precision, and also features True Roll (TR) Technology grooves.

TR grooves vary in width and depth from the centre of the face, producing consistent ball speeds across the face for unmatched distance control, resulting in more holed putts and fewer three-putts.

Contrasting white sightlines on the black anodised head simplify alignment, while the centre line extends to the back of the putter for added confidence.

Golfers can once again choose a traditional-weight model with a stainless steel sole plate or a heavy-weight model with a tungsten nickel sole plate to match their stroke tempo and improve their consistency. 

RRP: £223 (adjustable); £199 (non-adjustable)
Weight: 350g (traditional); 375g (heavy)
Stroke type: Straight, Slight Arc and Strong Arc
Adjustable: +/- 2º from standard lie angle