Ping's outrageous putter

Looks like half a steering wheel, but holes putts! What more could you ask? Find out ...

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Thu, 6 May 2004
Ping's outrageous putter

Ping’s Doc 17 putter

Ping has again stretched the boundaries of golfing legality with its latest Doc 17 putter – which looks like half a steering wheel but, the makers claim, performs impeccably.

With its pale green Winn grip, it boasts the highest moment of inertia (MOI) of any Ping putter to date, an obscure measurement which takes into account weight placement and centre of gravity, allowing for a pendulum putting action.

The milled aluminum putter, measures 6.7ins across and features a semi-circlular shape, expanding perimeter weighting to new levels.

"Visually, this putter represents another major departure for us says Ping’s John Solheim, whose company introduced the radically-shaped Craz-E model earlier this year used by Miguel Angel Jimenez to win in the Johnnie Walker Classic in Bangkok.

"Technically, it follows our design strategy of continually pushing the limits of perimeter weighting and centre of gravity location. Its shape really opens some doors for us. And it gives new meaning to ‘forgiveness. It’s hard to mishit a putt with this club."

Adds Solheim: "It got the USGA’s attention. It’s right up to the proposed limit of seven inches. But they’ve reviewed it and it conforms. We’re excited to get it into golfer’s hands so they can start making more putts."

Suggested price is £150 and should be available from last week in May.