Tees could win you a Fortune!

Win prizes, simply by snapping a tee - and we've got 50 packs of E-Tees to give-away,too

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Mon, 26 Apr 2004
Tees could win you a Fortune!

Fortune tee pack

It has always been a standing joke with some golfers who berrate colleagues when they spend valuable seconds hunting for a lucky tee that may have spiralled out of the ground on impact with the clubface.

In fact, we’ve all done it, such is our particular affection with tee pegs, be they wood or plastic, short or tall, conventional or unconventional, yellow or white or any colour of the rainbow.

Now there’s another reason for asking a playing partner to watch the ball while you keep an eye out for the tee peg.

Fortune Tees, are offering even more gifts for golfers who buy a packet of their pegs, thousands of which could contain valuable prizes. Over 1,500 got lucky last year, including Londoner John Scrooby who won a holiday to Mauritius.

Having snapped one of the four special green tee pegs in his pack of 20 (£1.60 at most golf retail outlets), he registered the lucky number discovered inside at www.fortunetee.com and discovered he’d won a trip to the paradise island in the Indian Ocean.

This year there are 75,000 prizes available including one worth 100,000 euro. The tees have also been lengthened to 7cms to make them more appropriate for the latest deep-faced drivers.

Tees could win you a Fortune!
E-Tee – 50 packs to win

Also available are the latest E-Tees, suitable for winter-use and on practice mats, launched by St Albans-based Billcode Ltd. and costing £1.99 for a pack of six either one or two cms tall.

There are also plans to introduce taller versions, suitable for today’s big-headed drivers.

For your nearest stockist call 01727 844131 – indeed the first 50 Golfmagic callers will receive a free pack (state size preference).