PowerBug release 'miracle' towel

Stays dry when it

PowerBug release 'miracle' towel

Electric golf trolley manufacturer PowerBug has gone on a shopping spree among golf’s boffins to beef up its accessory selection.

And they’ve come up with a new towel set which stays dry when it’s wet and wet when it’s dry.

Confused? Read on. A nylon, rain-resistant outer tube protects a quality towel cleverly secured inside from the elements so in wet conditions you will always have a dry towel to hand. No more slippery grips!

And in sunny or hot conditions, just soak the inner towel, protected from the sunlight, and it will stay wet - providing refreshment if used as a hand or face wipe.

Of course, for general usage, the PowerBug Towel Set will provide clean equipment at all times.

“It doesn’t tell you which club to use,” says PowerBug MD Rob Hunt. “It’s not golf’s product of the generation, but just a little bit of thought into the design makes it a really useful everyday golfing tool.”

The outer nylon tube folds in half with a handy spring-loaded clip ensuring convenient fixture to your bag or trolley.

The highly absorbent towel, measuring 60x40cm, is washable so will give you years of good service without smelling like a locker room and can e branded with corporate names and logos.  

Expect to pay around £17.50 at retail.

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