Pringle back in fashion

Why Scots brand is suddenly trendy again

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Wed, 18 Sep 2002
Pringle back in fashion
Pringle back in fashion
Pringle Higgins top.

You only have to look at the astonishing pictures in most British newspapers highlighting the re-vamped knitwear fashions revealed in London this week, to discover that to wear Pringle is suddenly cool.

Celebrity icons David Beckham and Robbie Williams not to mention Madonna and Claudia Schiffer, apparently agree that sweaters by the Scottish knitwear company are a must for their wardrobes.

It used to be that the rampant lion logo identified the bearer and wearer as out of sync with trendy woollens and merely a golfer clone who wanted to look like Nick Faldo but had as much knitwear nous as a bobble hat.

Not now…according to the ‘fashion experts’ Pringle takes the biscuit!

And the first chance golfers will have to see facets of the new range is when the European Solheim Cup team steps out at Interlachen to contest the match against the US on Friday of this week.

Pringle back in fashion
Pringle foster polo shirt.

Designed by Pringle’s head designer Stuart Stockdale and Evian Tour team members including captain Dale Reid, the girls will wear navy and light blue on Day one, with raker check pullovers and slip-overs with argyle featured strongly

Mauve, black and white check features strongly on Day two with black trousers, skirts or shorts, while shades of neutral diamonds are sure to make an impact on day three.

Unlike the Great Britain and Ireland Curtis Cup players who have been asked to return their clothing to be re-used in future events, Europe’s Solheim Cup players will be encouraged to keep theirs and showcase it at future Tour events.

Says Pringle's Charlie Brougham: "Pringle Golf’s Autumn Winter range combines the very best of our rich golfing heritage along with many fresh shapes and styles.

"The style revolution that Pringle has undergone is highlighted by the re-invention of the argyle sweater. To see current lifestyle icons such as Robbie Williams sporting one of the latest Pringle argyle sweaters recently on the golf course, shows how much Pringle has been embraced, not only on the high street but also by those who enjoy 18 holes of golf."

Using luxuriant knitwear, including merino, lambswool and cashmere, Pringle says it’s ‘repositioning its brand’ and looking to recapture the golf clothing market it once monopolised.

Pringle back in fashion
Pringle Claydon diamonds.

Among the latest lines are the Claydon zip-neck two-ply Lambswool top (£85) available in a range of colours including clay/pine, navy/light denim and Red Bull/military blue.

The Higgins round neck Lambswool top (£75) include marble grey/ lkight blue and navy/team red while the Foster polo shirt claims to draw moisture away from the skin for a mere £50 a throw.

The clothing is available in the UK this month. For your nearest stockist call 0800 360 200.

It might be that not everyone is welcoming the return of the diamonds, check out what other GOLFmagic members will be wearing and what they think about golf fashion on the forum below.