Rife launches Switchback XL putter

Rife Switchback XL delivers custom fit performance

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Thu, 19 Mar 2015

Rife launches Switchback XL putter

Rife has unveiled its adjustable "Switchback XL" putter featuring weights in both the toe and heel.

The putter specialist has added weight options from 375g to 415g in a stylish, stainless steel, oversized blade design to give the golfer their desired feel. 

For those preferring to promote a curved swing path, the weights can be mixed for a total weight of 395g with a bias to either side.

The putter also takes full advantage of Rife’s "RollGroove" technology, where milled grooves in the face deliver a ‘quick, true roll by gripping and lifting the ball forward at impact’.

When purchased in store, the double bend shaft can be easily adjusted by the retailer to perfect the golfer’s preferred lie angle.

Rife adds that the white sight line and notch in the back of the face will also provide the golfer with a repeatable stance with the sole of the putter flat to the ground.

RRP: £149.99
Loft: 2 degree
Standard lie: 71 degree
Website: www.rifegolf.com