S-Blade putters you can create online

DIY features include heads, shafts and coloured grips

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Mon, 19 Nov 2012

S-Blade putters you can create online

UK-based S-Blade Putters has launched a range of do-it-yourself flatsticks that you can build online featuring different head, shaft and grip options.

The Northamptonshire-based company’s putters feature its laboratory-proven Curved-Face Roll Technology (CFRT) available in three head styles, anti-glare black finishes and milled faces. Each of its putters features gentle convex curves on the face, proven to reduce ball skidding and improve roll.

The S-Blade BlackEye1e (from £95.95) is an oversize mallet designed to deliver stability and forgiveness and is available with shaft options from 30 to 36 inches. Belly (from 37 to 43”) and broomhandle (51”) versions are also available.

Also £95.95, the S-Blade BlackEye2e in either standard or belly versions features a traditional Anser-style head, with toe-heel balance and forgiveness.

The S-Blade BlackEye5e (£89.95) is a retro scoop back, half-mallet, reminiscent of the classic Wilson 8802 and Major-winning George Low 600 putters. It’s lighter than traditional putters and has a gooseneck hosel and matching black shaft.

The putters are offered with a combination of shafts and coloured grips from www.wesellgolfgear.com where further information is also available about curved faced technology.

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