SeeMore launches DB4 putter

New alignment aids to help hole more putts

SeeMore launches DB4 putter
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Latest SeeMore DB4 putter

SeeMore putters made famous by major victories by the late Payne Stewart and Zach Johnson is launching a new series of DB4, featuring RifleScope (RST2) alignment technology.

Using a classic blade design with offset hosel for the first time, SeeMore engineers claim the DB4 solves one of the most fundamental problems in putting - consistently accurate alignment at address for a repeatable putting stroke.

Says the company's Jim Grundberg: “The RST2 patented alignment is extremely exciting in that it has been developed with the input of the some of the world’s best Tour players over the past two years and simply by improving a player’s ability to set up square to the intended target line.”

seemore putters
Spot the dot: Alignment aids on the hosel

Two white lines on top of the hosel are milled perfectly parallel to the face of the putter, creating a gun sight assuring the golfer of being square to the intended target line - when the white lines are visible and the signature red dot is hidden. The RST2 system also ensures the loft of the putter head will be optimal for perfect roll on every putt. 

The DB4 is available in a platinum finish for £229 or in a multi-layer black satin finish (CS Gunmetal Black).

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