Specialist golf eyewear from Polaroid

The sun's out, so protect your eyes!

Specialist golf eyewear from Polaroid

The sun is finally out! So the timing couldn’t be better for Polaroid Eyewear to launch their new sports sunglasses with features specifically for golfers. 

Every pair is designed and built for purpose and fitted with the latest high performance UltraSight™ premium polarized lenses, unique to Polaroid giving total UV protection and no glare. 

They are scratch and shatter-proof too so can stand up to a full day’s wear on and off the course.

For Polaroid’s 2011 Sport Sunglass Collection, it’s all about high performance, not only in the carefully-structured new design features, but the fashionable styling too. 

You can choose from sleek wraparound or mask style frames - some made from the latest super-lightweight but tough polymer materials - in glossy black, silver, neon yellow, bright blues or textured greys. 

Many also feature practical detailing such as rubberised arm tips and nose pads cleverly styled in bright contrasting colours into the frames - and every pair comes with a hard-wearing carry case.

“This new sports sunglasses collection has some superb new designs for golfers,” said Rebecca Harwood Lincoln, sales manager in UK & Ireland for Polaroid Eyewear. 

“We’ve worked with some of the world’s leading sports specialists to ensure we get the features right for each sport and for golfers we’ve optimised visual clarity with coloured lenses and all-day comfort with frame tips and nose pads. 

“We think all that makes Polaroid the best sunglasses you can now get for the golf course.”

Key new designs in the 2011 collection for golfers

Voyager: Designed for all-day wearability, these glossy black wraparounds come with soft rubber inserts on the tips and nose for extra comfort. Deep grey Category 3 lenses give total UV protection and sharp vision on even the brightest day.

Habanero: Sleek wraparound frames with striking orange arm tips and adjustable rubber nose pad for a perfect fit. Polarized copper lenses give full UV protection and excellent optical clarity right down the fairway.

Glide: Comfortable mask style black frames feature contrasting red nose pad and arm tips. Copper lenses give total UV protection and no glare, all day, every day.

Technix VII: A mask wraparound style with deep-set purple lenses, specially developed for golfers to give all-round glare-free vision with excellent ball recognition

Prices start from £50. Visit www.polaroidsunglasses.co.uk for more information.

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