Stewart Golf release V3 wheels

New V3 wheels will be available from August 26

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Tue, 20 Aug 2013
Stewart Golf release V3 wheels

STEWART GOLF has confirmed the release of its new V3 wheels for launch week commencing August 26.

The company's engineers have worked in conjunction with specialist manufacturer Hedgehog to create a set of four wheels that reduce the weight and further improve the performance of both X7 Lithium and F1 Lithium trolleys.

The result is the new V3 wheel set, where total weight has been reduced dramatically by 30%. This reduces the energy required to accelerate the wheel and also the energy required to drive the trolley once in motion. The effect of this is a reduction in battery consumption which ultimately leads to more holes per charge.

Combine these efficiency gains with the greater traction and stability generated by the flatter profile, lateral tread design and tyre material, and the V3 wheels represent a significant leap forward in performance.

The involvement of Hedgehog in the selection of the tyre material has delivered grip levels similar to that of a spiked wheel.

The quick release mechanism has been cleverly redesigned to allow 'one handed' removal, with just one moving part. The front wheels are designed to match the rears, made from a soft material which slides laterally over the grass when you steer your X3R.

Engineering Director Jon Miller said: "We always aim for performance improvements in all areas of our product range. Together with Hedgehog we have been able to deliver a wheel set that not only improves performance and efficiency, but also looks fantastic!"

RRP £125