STX Golf announces new Sync 6 putter

SS6 marks the first of three 2012 models from STX

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Thu, 12 Jan 2012

STX Golf is set to expand its successful Sync Series putter range with its new SS6 contemporary blade.

The innovative putting company says its SS6 putter - the first of three 2012 new models to be introduced – features an elegant exterior pad line and flange to create a uniquely shaped head, and distributed additional weighting to provide head stability at impact for greater accuracy.

Each model in the Sync Series Collection utilizes patented Soft Insert Technology - F.E.E.L. (Friction Enhancing Elastomer Layer) to generate greater topspin on the ball and decrease ball skid.

“STX has experienced a tremendous amount of growth this year and the Sync Series contributed greatly,” said STX Director of Golf, Steve Henneman.

“The line combines non-traditional looks with performance factors that are incomparable and they are sensibly priced. Retailers and consumers both recognized their value. They are a keystone in our putter offerings and why we are introducing the SS6 as well as the SS7 and SS8 in 2012.”

The company will begin shipping the SS6 Putter in February at MRRP £70.

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