Latest budget buster from Palm Springs

Bob Warters's picture
Fri, 19 Feb 2010

With a May 6 General Election looming (Sssh! It's not official yet but we know a few golfers in high places) and threats of rising prices and unemployment as the legacy of serious national debt, golf is unlikely to get cheaper any time soon.

So while we still salivate over the latest high technology, face-adjustable, weight-transferring, custom-fitted golf equipment, the £19.99 titanium has just popped its shiny, 460 cc clubhead above the parapet.

Complete with carbon shaft and headcover, the Palm Springs Golf 2EZ driver (too easy, get it?) is now available from leading online retailer The Sports HQ, which is aiming to revolutionise the budget end of the golf equipment market with a range of quality, low-priced equipment that plays but won't break the bank.

Described as 'explosive', 2EZ driver, says Sport HQ's Simon Millington, boasts technology seen in far more expensive drivers but at a fraction of the cost, including a nano-plated clubhead, increased MOI for stability and forgiveness and a lower centre of gravity to deliver power, control and high launch.

The Palm Springs Golf 2010 range of drivers, hybrids, irons, bags and putters are available says Millington at factory-direct prices, including Palm Springs Golf 2EZ hybrids - 18-, 21- and 24-degree rescue clubs each with a price tag of £16.99.

"The days are gone when low price meant low quality and anyone who hits a Palm Springs 2EZ club will see they are getting tremendous value for money, " says Millington.

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