Titleist adds to the 975 Family

New additions to the popular 975 family of Drivers and fairway woods.

Thu, 3 Feb 2000
Titleist has added to the 975 family of woods. In the 975D drivers, there will be increased loft and shaft offerings, which will take the total number of options to 39 to suit most players.

The number of loft options has increased to seven, from the 7.5 degree up to the new 12.5-degree, with a 6.5 degree, as used by David Duval, also available through special order. There will also be a choice of four lofts, from 8.5 to 10.5 degrees in Left-handed fitting.

And the shafting option has been increased, with the True Temper EI-70 available in stiff, Tour stiff and XX (Duval's choice) flexes and the Grafalloy Prolite added to Titleist's existing Ultralite range of shafts.

Complementing the Drivers are the new 975F Fairway woods, previously only available as a limited edition. But their success has prompted Titleist to sell them as a range with the Drivers. The 975F series are made with a steel head and offer varying loft options from 12.5 degrees to 14.5 degrees with both steel and the graphite shaft range with the drivers.

The 975F woods are more suited to the better player and offer a penetrating flight preferred by professionals and low handicappers.