Titleist launches AP1 and AP2 714 irons

714 offers improved flight, forgiveness and feel

Titleist launches AP1 and AP2 714 irons

Titleist AP2 714

TITLEIST has today launched its 714 range of irons featuring AP1 and AP2, as well as CB and MB forged blades.

During the official launch at Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf Club where I was recently fit for the new AP2 irons, Titleist explained how the company has sought to improve the flight, forgiveness and feel of its new 714 without sacrificing workability at a proven head size.

Titleist believes it has improved the performance of its AP 714 irons by removing weight from certain parts of the iron structure and replacing it with high-density tungsten.

With both AP1 and AP2, Titleist has designed higher launching long irons with better stopping control and lower launching short irons with more speed and distance through stronger lofts.

This is down to the new progressive design that gives both AP1 and AP2 long irons a higher, softer ball flight, and a more penetrating, controllable trajectory with the shorter irons.

On top of that, a high MOI delivers more speed and consistent distance on those off-centre hits, while a progressive CG closer to the point of impact and smooth turf interaction delivers the solid feel that we’ve come to expect from Titleist irons.  

The new AP2 irons are forged from the same 1025 carbon steel that Titleist uses for its CB and MB irons.

They look very similar in size to the 712 model but have wider soles in the long irons to create the higher launch – perfect for my usual low long-iron trajectory. They also have narrower soles in the scoring clubs and this aids terrific turf interaction and versatility.

While the AP2s have a similar amount of offset as before, the offset appears much better hidden through a hosel blend that makes the space between the hosel and leading edge less apparent.

That’s not the only change, as some of the lofts have been strengthened too – commonplace in the iron market today.

The 7-iron through PW has been strengthened in the AP1 irons, making the loft of the PW 44-degree. Because of the wider gap between the AP1 PW and Titleist’s Vokey gap wedges, which are 50- and 52- degree, Titleist is introducing an AP1 gap wedge that falls at 48-degree.

Likewise, the AP2 6-iron through PW has been strengthened 1-degree, making the PW 46-degree.

“When it comes to iron play, distance without the ability to stop your shot is meaningless. You have to hit the ball far enough to reach the green, but also have the proper ball flight to stop it near the hole,” said Steve Pelisek, General Manager, Titleist Golf Clubs.

“What our R&D team has accomplished with the new AP1 and AP2 models is impressive, effectively taking each individual iron as its own design and optimising its performance to provide longer distance, more consistent distance and stopping control, even when you don’t hit a shot perfectly.”

Both 714 MB and CB, designed for the highly skilled golfer, are forged from a solid block of 1025 carbon steel. CB has a slightly wider, fuller sole than the MB, and a shallow cavity that makes them a little more forgiving.

Titleist AP1 and AP2 (714 Series) irons will be available across Europe beginning November 8. AP1 irons have a RRP £93 (steel shaft) and RRP £107 per club (graphite). AP2 irons have a RRP £114 (steel) and RRP £130 (graphite) per club.

Click through the images below for a closer look and to learn more about the new 714 series of irons.

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