Titleist launches Vokey Design SM6 wedge

New SM6 model engineered for improved gapping, versatility, spin control and feel

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Tue, 26 Jan 2016
Titleist launches Vokey Design SM6 wedge

Titleist has revealed its Vokey Design Spin Milled 6 wedge, engineered to improve three areas of wedge play: distance gapping, shot versatility and spin control.

“These are the best wedges we’ve ever made,” Bob Vokey said. “Our engineers have taken everything I’ve learned working with tour players, PGA pros and amateurs over the last 20-plus years, everything (Vokey Tour Rep) Aaron Dill has learned from being on tour week in and week out, and brought it to life with technology that will help golfers at every level of the game. SM6 really is the total package.”

“The detail and precision that’s gone into SM6 is off the charts,” Aaron Dill said. “We’ve taken everything into consideration while really focusing in on the CG. This is technology that you can actually see on the wedge – technology that tour players are raving about because it is helping them control their trajectory, hit their number more consistently and ultimately score better.”

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- A new Progressive Centre of Gravity (CG) design aligns the CG with the impact position of each loft to produce precise distance and trajectory control with improved feel. Engineered using CAD technology, the Progressive CG is visible technology on the back of the wedge.

- Low Loft (46º-52º) SM6 models feature a low CG that increases ball speed on average by 1.5mph (3-5 yards). This low CG position provides a precisely aligned progression from a typical iron set. The wedges have a thinner topline and raised lower section.  

- Mid lofts (54º & 56º) feature a mid CG position, precisely aligned between the low lofts and high lofts, which provide precise distance gapping and improved feel.

- High lofts (58º-62º) feature a high CG position that produces tighter distance dispersion, improved trajectory control and better feel. The high CG position is aligned with the impact position of high lofted wedges, higher on the face. Has a raised upper section.

- 100% inspected new proprietary Spin Milled TX4 grooves and face texture deliver more spin (up to 200rpm more spin on average) with more consistent spin control.

- New TX4 grooves are engineered with a machine milled, parallel face texture that creates a sharper, more consistent groove edge.

- TX4 grooves feature two groove geometries: a narrower, deeper groove for the 46º-54º lofts; and a wider, shallower groove in the 56º-62º lofts – with seven percent larger volume, each groove better channels away grass, sand and debris for cleaner ball-to-edge radius contact.

- The parallel face texture and progressive groove geometries optimise ball-to-groove edge contact to increase spin and control around the greens

Price: £140 (steel) £155 (graphite)
Available: 11 March 11th and have an SRP of £140 (steel) and £155 (graphite).
Lofts:  46º to 62º
Finishes: Tour Chrome, Steel Grey and Jet Black (raw).

Tour feedback

Vokey SM6 became the most played wedge model on the PGA Tour the first week it was available to players at the Shriners Hospital for Children Open in October, with a total of 74 new SM6 models immediately put into play.

It has remained the most popular model, with the total of SM6 models at the Sony Open in Hawaii reaching 110.

In addition to Jordan Spieth Spieth, SM6 models are in the bags of more than 45 players on the PGA Tour, including Jimmy Walker, Jason Dufner, Robert Streb, Adam Scott, Bill Haas and Webb Simpson. 

Jordan Spieth SM6 46.08 F, 52.08 F, 56.10 S, 60.04 L)

Spieth started 2016 with four SM6 wedges in his bag, winning the Hyundai Tournament of Champions by eight shots with a 30-under total.

Spieth first put the SM6’s in play in November at the WGC-HSBC Champions event.

“With the higher CG on my 60 degree SM6, I can miss a shot out of the rough and it’s still going to go around the same distance," he said.

"That’s important, because with certain lies it’s tough to know what the ball’s going to do. You’re just not always going to hit it on the centre of the face.

"To be able to have that inconsistency on your first strike but still see the consistency in the ball control, that’s something that’s going to be an advantage over anybody else we’re playing against.”

Jimmy Walker (SM6 48.08 F, 54.08 M, 60.04 L)

“With the new SM6 wedges I’m able to be more precise. I’ve got a lot better distance control into the green. Being able to hit your number consistently and having the reliability in your wedge is big. Distance control is everything the closer you get.

“I’m always excited to get anything new from Bob, because I enjoy the fact that Bob gets out and talks to us on the golf course at tournaments. He comes out quite frequently and really likes to hear the feedback. And with his right-hand man, Aaron Dill, who’s out here every week, they both are really in there, hands on, trying to put the best product in our hands that they can.”

Adam Scott (SM6 48.08 F, 54.10 S, 60.06 K)

“Feel is such a huge factor in wedge play. It’s one of the big reasons why Vokey wedges are so popular. With the new SM6, and the way they have moved the CG around so that you get more feel off the wedge face itself, it’s just another bonus for me.

“It’s been really an honour to know a man like Bob Vokey. I knew of him long before he knew of me, when it was just such a privilege to even see a Vokey wedge in Australia as a kid. Then when I got to the tour I got to spend a lot of time with Bob at events or going out to California. I’ve watched him be so passionate about grinding a wedge. It’s like an artist doing their thing. I know how much passion and commitment has gone into a Vokey wedge. It’s inspiring for me to go out and play the way I feel passionate about golf. I feel like it’s a great team.”