Wilson rolls out 88 Series putters

Four new models for 2012 unveiled by Wilson Staff

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Fri, 3 Feb 2012

Wilson rolls out 88 Series putters

Wilson Staff has upgraded its classic line of putters for the new season with four fresh models featuring sleek design and black anti-glare PVD finish.

Inspired by the iconic 8802 putter, the new range of Wilson Staff 88 Series BLK putters combines precision milling with built-in alignment aids.

The range includes the traditional heel-toe weighted 8881, the blade-shaped 8882, the toe-weighted semi-mallet 8883  and the heel-toe weighted mallet 8885.

“The 88 Series BLK line brings a new style to our rich history of Wilson putters,” said Bob Thurman, Vice Presidents of R&D.

“The new range upholds the tradition of proven technology and classic looks that golfers have come to expect from Wilson Staff.”

Wilson’s 88 Series putters are now available at RRP £89.99.

For more information visit www.wilsonstaff.com

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