Golf fans react to golf instructor Manolo Vega's passionate RANT about tee boxes

Sometimes as a golfer, you must know your limits and you must know which tees to play off if you are to make a good score.

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Sun, 23 May 2021
Golf fans react to Manolo Vega's passionate RANT about tee boxes

Golf can be an extremely difficult game and it is important to simplify and make it as easy as possible, but some players do not accept this. 

This annoys no one more than passionate golf instructor Manolo Vega, who posted a hilarious video on his Instagram page ranting about inexperienced players who are determined to play from the back tees.

Vega, who has nearly 350,000 followers on Instagram, has become known for his flamboyant personality and his love of golf and he has now posted another golden video that has entertained golf fans.

Make no mistake, Vega is not criticising players with high handicaps but he is always frustrated to see them play from the back tees, or the "tips", when this would be an unnecessarily difficult task.

Vega almost provides an alternative guide to tee boxes and which tees you should play from, based on your ability and experience.

Golf fans enjoyed the video and left their comments:

"Me coming straight to the comments to find the angry females," one fan said.

"Let's be honest, that 92% can play from the reds too," one fan commented.

"Anybody who says "let’s play from the tips" shoots well over 100 regularly," another fan commented.

"Nothing worse than seeing people tee off the tips to hit in the brush 20 feet to the left," another fan said.

"I don't golf. I follow you because of how legit your teachings are. Keep it simple. Focused. I cannot get enough of you!!! Love it!!!" one fan said.