Are you Britain's worst golfer?

Chance to win the Gary Player trophy

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Sun, 3 Jun 2001

Are you Britain's worst golfer?

The search is on to find Britain's worst could be you.

Wedgwood, the famous pottery makers, have commissioned a handsome trophy to be presented to the game's unluckiest participant nominated from the three million who regular play in the British Isles.

It can be male or female, junior or senior. The only stiupulation is that you have never won a prize - other than a booby, of course!

The award is the brainchild of Wedgewood's general manager Graeme Whitehead - who describes himself as a golfing novice.

"We are opening a new display at our visitor centre in Barlaston, near Stoke and we asked ourselves who would get the biggest thrill from officially opening this unique display," said Mr Whitehead.

"The answer was obvious - someone who really loves golf and sticks at it without ever enjoying a really good round or winning anything other than a wooden spoon.

"That's a description that covers me and a few million others. So we're looking for someone who is desperately unlucky on the golf course."

Wedgwood want hapless hackers to write to them explaining why they are jinxed and why they should be the one to receive a two night visit to Barlaston and play a VIP role in the display's opening ceremony.

Judging by the tales of woe we see described in the Golfmagic Forum, we must have a few contenders, so send your entries in now to:Golfing Goofs, The Wedgwood Story, Barlaston, Stoke, ST12 9ES. Closing date is June 20.