Festive golf rules quiz - Christmas crackers

Golf rules. Complicated little chaps. But fun, too. Twist your melon with this lot.

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Tue, 23 Dec 2014

Festive golf rules quiz - Christmas crackers
GolfMagic Rules Quiz 2014

Golf's rules are myriad and complicated but that is half the fun.

So we devised 10 ticklish questions to titillate over Christmas.

Give yourself a point for each and a hearty pat on the back if you can give us the exact rule or decision number for each answer.

What do points make? Nothing really, just pride among your fellow GolfMagic-ites. Feel free to boast or lament away afterwards in the 19th (or the Forum, as we call it).

The questions come courtesy of Ashley Weller, advanced member of the PGA and member of the PGA Rules Panel. 

Question 1