Fire Destroys Royal Mid Surrey

A fire on Friday demolished the clubhouse of Royal Mid Surrey...a club steeped in history...

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Ted Finnerty
Wed, 4 Apr 2001
Fire Destroys Royal Mid Surrey

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A devastating fire swept through the entire clubhouse of Royal Mid Surrey last Friday night at 11:00. The cause for the fire is still unknown, but the damage is beyond describable.

Facing Mid Surrey's clubhouse, a small building houses the local Artisan

Where the fire began
section of the Royal Mid Surrey Golf Club. On Friday evening, members of the Artisan section were lucky to notice the fire that had started on the south end of the clubhouse.

Replete with history stretching as far back as its opening in 1892, all documents, pictures, memorabilia, products, personal belongings, furniture, trophies, and much more were lost in the destructive blaze. Built with a solid wood roof and lined with antique wood and rugs, the fire spread through the clubhouse instantly.

Four employees live on the second floor of the club. Two were out that evening, and the other two were relaxing in their apartment. They heard what they thought was heavy rain or hail and looked out the window, when they noticed an enormous flame had engulfed the adjacent clubhouse.

Fire brigades raced to the scene from all directions. A total of 15-20 trucks arrived within minutes of the blaze starting. When they arrived, the fire, however, was already out of control. To add to the problem, the water pressure on nearby hydrants was too low to use for fire hoses. Linking hoses from hydrants closer to the main road, they managed to reduce the fire after four hours.

The Pro Shop

Solid metal clubs melted completely. Silver trophies liquefied to nothing. Old plaques burned to ash. So much history linked to this club has completely been lost.

In an effort to continue regular activity at the clubhouse, the pro shop and offices have relocated to nearby sheds and buildings. The possibility of tents and trailers exists in the future to accommodate members.

The cause of the fire is still unknown; neither the possibility of an accident nor an arsonist has any more weight than the other.

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