Get that mid-round energy boost

Fast-acting glucose for that tenth tee slump

Sun, 20 Feb 2011
Get that mid-round energy boost

We’ve all done it. You get to the tenth tee and reach for the sandwich you made as you were running out the door to the club. Ah, left it on the side in the kitchen. Crisps? No. Sweets? None. Anything?!

You stare into the empty pocket where your mid-round snack normally sits. You’re hungry, weary... dejected. Your game on the back nine will suffer from this. A potential sub-80 round becomes a struggle to break 100.

I could go on writing this tale of woe and sadness, but all I’m really trying to do is alert your attention to a new fast-acting glucose carb boost which has hit the shelves.

GlucoJuice, available in berry flavour, is a ‘no nasties’ 60ml glucose shot, delivering 15g of carbohydrate. Perfect for reigniting those tired arms during a difficult round. GlucoJuice retails at £1.59 and is available to buy at leading pharmacies and online at

GlucoTabs are a low calorie (16kcals per tab) and caffeine-free option which offer something different to other energy gels or bars on the market. The tabs are chewable and dissolve in the mouth, and are small enough to be thrown in any bag.

Available in orange or raspberry, each tab contains 4g of glucose, with no articificial colours or preservatives. A tube of 10 tabs retails at just 79 pence, or £2.95 for 50, and is available to buy in Boots, selected ASDA and Morrisons stores, independent pharmacies and health stores and online at

Be sure you’ve always got some in your golf bag – and the low scores will come rolling in.*