GM tests the new Urban Golf technology

UG invited GM down to their Kensington branch to try it out

GM tests the new Urban Golf technology

AFTER a stressful [sic] day at work, Golfmagic embarked on a trip to Kensington (National) to try out the new Urban Golf simulation technology.

Located within ten strides of the barriers at High Street Kensington train station, Urban Golf’s effortlessly cool clubhouse, designed by award-winning architects Squire & Partners, features seven simulators and a workshop surrounded by a lounge, bar and giant putting green.

Whether you're a total beginner on the hunt for a great night out, or an avid golfer looking to keep their skills sharp this winter, conditions are always perfect for a round of Urban Golf.

With improved accuracy, stunning graphics, new courses and better game play than ever for 2014, UG provides the customer, regardless of ability, with everything they could wish for.

Since camera tracking is the only way to accurately track a golf ball indoors, UG has installed a revolutionary ball tracking system from aboutGolf called 3trak – not dissimilar to the TrackMan device we’ve all used when being custom-fit.

3Trak also marks the first time an accurate ball tracking system has been applied to a golf simulator.

As well as measuring the ball’s speed and trajectory, it’s the only system to accurately measure spin, so you can’t “trick” the technology like you could the old system.

If you hit the ball 280 yards off the tee with a driver outdoors, you’ll hit it 280 yards with a driver on these sims. Similarly, if you hit a fade, draw, slice, hook, lob (or the shank) the ball will react exactly as you would expect it to in the real world.

Other major improvements in terms of technology include stunning graphics. UG’s new sims boast visually enhanced graphics with 3D rendering of real world features. Not only does this make the game play more immersive but if your ball hits an obstacle it reacts in a realistic way – unlike those videogames you’ve grown up with where your ball can morph through trees...

We also found the new graphics aid a real sense of depth perception, making the short game much more natural than ever before. It also makes it easier to read the line of the putts on the greens.

Nice little extras such as hole flybys, physics handicaps and shot history data really adds to that game play experience and creates a much friendlier experience for golfers of all abilities. Save your information and return a day, a week, a month, a year later and you will find it still in the system.

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