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Mon, 27 Oct 2008
Golfmagic Awards
Golfmagic Awards:
Magic Forum Personality

Since the community was launched in 1999 it has always been respected as the No.1 online 'spike bar' or 19th hole in the UK, with contributors to its lively chat room throughout the world.

While we have tried to stimulate conversation, create virtual friendships and provide feedback on a wide range of subjects from equipment to courses, pro events to fitness, it has always been the GM members who have provided the often thought-provoking entertainment. So this year we decided to introduce awards that only forum members could win but voted for by their peers and your responses were a tribute to their popularity.

First winner of the Forum Personality is Jim Haworth from Leigh in Lancashire, founder member (with Den) of the Shambles Club which last month celebrated over 50,000 posts to the thread he started on May 23, 2006 with the now immortal words: "I have a new set of faults today!" Since then he has never failed to keep up a daily banter with his fellow Shamblers and 'skilfully challenged' while keeping the rest of the forum entertained.

Jim, a 61-year-old full time carer for his wife, says he took up golf to prevent a heart attack five years ago, 'but failed miserably!' "I've been playing for almost six years, have no official Handicap and a lowest (self imposed) handicap of 18, though it has slowly risen to 28 as my game self destructed.

"I play Boysnope Park Golf Club every Tuesday, rain or shine, as its the only break I get from my caring duties and recently accepted a 'carers grant' of £150 from Wigan Council towards my green fees,' said Jim who is the current holder of The Grand Master Shambler Shirt of Shame which he won for finishing last in one of the early Shambler golf days.

"The only way of getting rid of it is by beating a fellow Shambler. I've had it for over two years now so I probably deserve it (LOL)!"

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Jim Haworth

Jim Haworth
Jim Haworth

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