Liam Gallagher is Urban Golf champion

A name better known from the music world is now London

Wed, 21 Nov 2012
Liam Gallagher is Urban Golf champion

Some Might Say he will be feeling Supersonic; like he’ll be able to Live Forever; like he’s on a Champagne Supernova. Some may even point out he has Morning Glory...

Because Little By Little Urban Golf gave Liam Gallagher the chance to officially become London’s Best Golfer and fly All Around the World to play golf on some of the finest courses on the planet.

Inaugurating the search for the finest indoor player in the capital, 24 finalists were whittled down to just three before the namesake of the Oasis frontman defeated scratch handicapper Sam Maloney and Tony Moss in a nine-hole sims shootout at Kensington National.

As reward for his performance around the digital Pebble Beach track the Londoner was presented with a trip to the real thing, including flights, accommodation and three rounds of golf - including Pebble, Spanish Bay and Spyglass.

Urban Golf also handed out the same prize to London’s Luckiest Golfer, Matt Penn, whose name was plucked from the hat after competing in London’s Best Golfer.  

But Don’t Look Back in Anger because entries are open for the 2013 event - so Roll With It.

Right, enough of these Oasis puns. They are quite irritating. D’ya Know What I Mean?

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Based in High Street Kensington, Soho and Smithfield, Urban Golf provides state-of-the-art golf simulator technology used by the likes of Luke Donald. It also provides beginner golf lessons starting from £129 for three 30 minute lessons. Click here to see what we thought of the new Urban Golf technology. For more information about the brand, London’s Best Golfer and other competitions visit

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