Maradona tackles golf

But he'll have to learn to keep his voice down!

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Fri, 24 Jan 2003

Maradona tackles golf

Oh no! Diego Maradona has discovered golf as his new sporting passion.

Once rated the world’s top footballer with Argentina and a series of clubs including Boca Juniors and Napoli, he made a number of ill-fated comebacks until finally quitting the world stage after a drink and drugs scandal.

He has been rehabilitating in Cuba since 2000 and now plays golf regularly at a course in Havana.

`I admit I don't feel the same emotions on the golf course as I did kicking the ball around,'' says Maradona (42), "but I play and practice every day. Sometimes when I'm sleeping, I wake up because I am dreaming that I made a wrong move with my swing and I stand up and repeat it in my room.''

Don't we all, Diego!

Maradona, says his biggest problem has been learning to lower his voice on the golf course.

"I talk loudly, I yell, I get excited and everyone gives me dirty looks,'' he said. "It bothers me a bit but I still find golf an exceptional sport.''

Infamous for the handling incident against England in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, which went undetected, Maradona may also have difficulty playing to the strict Rules of the game, judging by past demeanours.

Nudging the ball with his toe in the rough, handling the ball to a better lie and kicking an opponent when they hole from off the green may become second nature. As for crying in defeat, he could be set to shed many tears!