Putter link to Avatar film

Louisville company makes character's persimmon putter

Putter link to Avatar film

Have you seen the block-buster movie Avatar yet? Less than 20-minutes into James Cameron's epic record-breaking motion picture, eagle-eyed golfers will have noticed a persimmon-headed wood mallet putter prominently used by actor Giovanni Ribisi.

Made by Louisville Golf, the putter also features alongside Ribisi's character, Parker Selfridge, held by the action figure.

"We first found out about the action figure including our putter when Ribisi was interviewed on TV," says Josh Fischer, marketing director for Louisville Golf. "When we first spoke with the Avatar production buyer we had no idea it would have such a prominent role in the movieas well as being included as part of the packaging with the action figure.

"All this is a major thrill for us, just to be associated with a movie on the scale of Avatar is a real honor, and pretty hard to believe."

Over four years ago the Avatar production team called Louisville Golf and placed an order for a group of clubs. Louisville Golf in Kentucky is the world's largest manufacturer of wooden-headed, where mallet putters are handmade. The 36-year old family-owned business once manufactured Persimmon woods for golf companies such as Hogan, Wilson, Spalding and Tommy Armour.

Executives at Louisville Golf nearly forgot about the association with the animated movie. "It must have been four or five years ago that we sent the putter to James Cameron's team. I had no idea what they needed the clubs for, but they said they were working on Avatar, so it sounded cool and I made a mental note. We still charged them for the clubs, but looking back I might have sent them the putter for free if I had to do it again," added Fischer.

 "We have worked on, and been involved with, some exciting projects over the three and a half decades we have been in business," said Mike Just, Louisville Golf president.

"The driver we made for Tiger Woods in 2004, the Discovery Channel segments on How It's Made and the Ryder Cup Cherry mallet putter come to mind. Being in Avatar ranks right up there."

For further information visit www.louisvillegolf.com

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