The 10 best iPhone golf apps

Free golf apps for iPhone and iPad. Instruction, free rangefinders and Tiger Woods PGA to swing analysis

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Thu, 11 Apr 2013
The 10 best iPhone golf apps

WHO would have thought that an iPhone would be such a useful tool for golfers. There are thousands of free golf apps in the app store and we've selected the top 10 for you.

Our review picks the best golfing apps, from range finders and putting tips, to golf drills and better golf technique. We've also got a few of the best iPhone golf games and golf coaching apps.

You can download these great golf apps direct from the app store.

Everyday Power iPhone app

A follow on from Golf Coach and Rosseneau is back. Designed to help you increase your power this app provides swing sequences in fine detail as well as coaching videos.

With courses legthening all the time increasing your distance is becoming increasingly more important. The closer you can get to the hole off the tee, without sacrificing control, the better.

Easy to follow instruction will have you outdriving your playing partners in no time.

Price: £3.99

Average rating on iTunes: Five stars

Everyday Golf Coach iPhone App

If you can’t afford expensive equipment or a coach this app will provide you with golf swing analysis on the cheap.

PGA Professional Noel Rosseneau presents 38 instructional videos. Users can also upload photographs of themselves next to a model library in both picture and video form.

As golfers aim to match what they feel to what is real this app allows you to inspect your own swing and pinpoint areas where you can improve.

Price: £3.99

Average rating on iTunes:  Five stars

SkyDroid iPhone App

Similar to the Mobitee app but for your 149 pence you get a distance to every green including the front, center and back as well as to any point on the course.

At £1.49 it's reasonably priced and asks for no further subscription, usage or download charges. Provides satalite images of all courses and holes. Works internationally.

Perhaps better suited for the better golfer who wants more information than the Mobitee app offers.

Price: £1.49

Average rating on iTunes: Five stars

Golf: Inside The Scoring Zone iPhone App

British PGA Professional, Tom Long, shares his 20 years of experience with users. He explains drills and techniques that will instantly improve your game.

These useful tips can be taken to the course and utilised which will undoubtably see you shed shots.

This is essentially mobile golf tuition which can be pulled out and scanned through when you have a spare five minutes. Help from such a well seasoned coach can only improve your game.

Price: FREE

Average rating on iTunes: Five stars

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 iPhone App

The game that was extremely popular on console is now available as an app.

Play alongside Tiger and other professionals when you join the tour and sample a variety of courses including St. Andrews, TPC Sawgrass and Pebble Beach.

A highly addictive game with great graphics and a steal at this price.

Price: £0.69

Average rating on iTunes: Four and a half stars

Swingsmart iPhone App

If you’re lured in by the free app you will then have to pay for the sensor for the system to work.  The app allows you to see your swing in real time including statistics reflecting your tempo, face angle, attack angle and swing speed.

View your swing from 360 degrees as well as examining your plane and path.

This incredible technology doesn't come cheap but if you are a more affluent golfer it will be money well spent.

Price: FREE (sensor $249.99)

Average rating on iTunes: Five stars

Pre-Shot Club Golfer iPhone App

Most golfers understand how important psychology is in golf and this app provides psychological training that is used at the Professional Golfers’ Association Training Academy.

It increases mental toughness allowing you to play to your potential when the pressure is on by developing pre-shot routines for every club.

Once you have mastered this level of the app users can move on to Golf pre-shot pro.

Price: £3.99

Average rating on iTunes: Five stars

Gamebook iPhone App

Social media comes to the golf world. Share your scores, stats, photos and comments mid-round or from the comfort of home.

Follow your friends as they play with hole-by-hole updates and trash talk them on their way round with on course chat.

Test yourself against golfers around the globe and see how your scores change when your numbers can be seen by anyone!

Price: FREE

Average rating on iTunes: Four stars

Let’s Golf 3 iPhone App

Create your own avatar and challenge friends and opponents around the world at a variety of locations including the Great Wall Of China and outer space.

A quirky golf app that allows you to chat to your opponents while you play. Four golfers can play at once in different locations or from the same device.

The playful nature of this app keeps you entertained and will have you playing for hours.

Price: FREE

Average rating on iTunes: Four stars

Mobitee Golf Rangefinder Scorecard iPhone App

This app utilises the GPS in your smartphone providing aerial views of the hole you are on and distances hit or to the green.

It also allows you to share your scorecards with friends and also provides you with a coach who suggests clubs for upcoming shots.

A premium app is available at £17.49.

Price: FREE

Average rating on iTunes:  Four stars