Tiger alias convicted

Anthony Lemar Taylor faces a possible jail sentence today as the jury reconvene in California...

Tiger alias convicted

A Californian man who masqueraded as Tiger Woods has been convicted of using the World Number One’s identity to apply for credit cards and build up $17,000 in unpaid credit card bills and IOU’s.

Anthony Lemar Taylor, 31, was convicted last Thursday for obtaining goods by deception and using another persons alias and he could face a jail sentence.

Taylor had a prior conviction for a 1992 robbery and because of the USA’s “Three Strikes and you are out” law, he could face some considerable time in jail.

The jury will reconvene this morning to decide the fate of Taylor.

Prosecutors say Taylor used Wood's real name -- Eldrick T. Woods, to apply for credit cards and purchase televisions, stereos, a used luxury car and other services.

Woods appeared in Court just before Christmas and stated to the jury that he did not buy any of the goods or use credit cards to obtain any of them.

But Taylor's defence says that it is ridiculous that anyone could think that his client was Tiger Woods, one of the most recognisable sports stars in the World.

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