Tiger goes Blonde!

The World's best golfer has dyed his hair...honestly, he has dyed his hair peroxide blonde...

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Martin Park
Thu, 4 Jan 2001
Tiger goes Blonde!

Tiger Woods has done the dramatic…not only has he won three majors last year, won over $10 million Dollars in prizemoney and set records that may never be beaten…he has also dyed his hair peroxide blonde! Click here to see the picture on GolfWeb

Yes, you read it right, he has dyed his hair! Woods applied some peroxide to his head while he was on holiday in the Bahamas last week, but his plans to be incognito at a major American Football game backfired on him it appears! Everyone can recognise the best golfer in the world!.

Do blondes have more fun?

"In the islands, I got a little bit of sun -- it bleached my hair,'' Woods said at an American College football game.

But plans are to turn his hair back to normal when he starts the new season at the Mercedes Championships and his agent, Mark Steinberg says that it was just a little bit of holiday fun.

"I imagine it will be back to normal when he gets to the Mercedes Championships'' next week in Maui, Steinberg said.

Or how about an afro?

"This was not a publicity stunt. He was just doing it for fun with family and some friends.''

Maybe he should dye it red to match his famous “Sunday” shirts!