TopGolf gets Miss Essex off to a glitzy start!

We do love a tenuous press release. Some more than others...

TopGolf gets Miss Essex off to a glitzy start!

The wannabes line up at TopGolf Chigwell

As you can imagine, Golfmagic is sent dozens of emails every day containing press releases from every corner of the globe.

Most of them golf related, some not so much so.

Two weeks ago, my inbox pinged and I was confronted with the headline: “60% of people have admitted to having sex in their car!”

Ignoring the fact the company behind said survey had seemed to only ask 18-year-olds hanging out in parks in their beaten-up Citroen Saxos, I replied and asked how they felt this was suitable for a golf magazine.

The response simply said this: “A lot of golfers drive.” Touché.

Slightly less tenuous, the other day I had the pleasure of being invited to the launch of Miss Essex 2012. The golfing link this time? It was being at the Chigwell branch of TopGolf. Obviously.

Sadly, due to other commitments, I couldn’t make it. But I made sure to request plenty of pictures for my own enjoyment. (No, not that kind of enjoyment.)

The press release that accompanied them is every pun writer’s wet dream. “Chigwell is the spiritual home of the Essex Girl,” says TopGolf’s Miss Essex project manager, which I’m certain is not his job title all year round.

And without at all adhering to the stereotype, he added: “White stilettos and girls dancing round their handbags started here!”

As expected, the Miss Essex 2012 was a glitzy and glamorous affair as ten scantily clad twenty-somethings braved the November chill. And, even more expected, it had nothing to do with golf.

But you know what? It’s Friday. So enjoy.

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