WIN a SeeMore putter

Find out how you can win the putter that holed the longest putt ever to win a US Open...The SeeMore putter...

WIN a SeeMore putter

.WIN a SeeMore putter

One of the most unusual and so far this year, most popular additions to the putter market is the SeeMore putter, distributed in the UK by Think Golf

The distinctive putter was used by the late Payne Stewart to win the 1999 US Open at Pinehurst and was solely responsible for holing the longest winning putt in US Open history, Stewart's 20 footer to avoid an 18-hole playoff with Phil Mickelson.

This unique "training aid" putter, which is perfectly legal to use in competition, is "innovative and simple to use" says Andrew Stevenson of Think Golf UK.

And after GOLFmagic tested one on the slick greens of Wycombe Heights Golf Club, it is clear to see if used properly, this putter could cut a few shots off your average putting round and lower scores.

The feel is not as soft as some of the latest insert putters on the market, but then again, it is not aimed at that market. But you can feel the ball come off the putterface and it feels solid both at address and at impact.

However, it does take time to get used to the idea of firstly, putting the ball in the middle of your stance to achieve the best results and secondly, lining up the red mark and the shaft to make sure you are correctly positioned over the ball.WIN a SeeMore putter

The SeeMore Putter System will help you become a better putter. By positioning the shaft between the two white lines and covering the red alignment dot, you'll be set up to putt correctly every time.

By keeping the putter in that position through impact, you can be almost guaranteed to start the ball off on the line you picked to hole the putt.

The putter is now available in four different guises and retails at around £129 from major shops such as Nevada Bobs. Included in the price is a practice aid and also a video instructional programme showing you how to get the best benefits from it.WIN a SeeMore putter

To order a SeeMore Putter, contact the Think Golf Hotline on 01952 251669 or visit the website on

But if you don’t fancy paying for one, why not enter our exclusive GOLFmagic competition and tell us…Who did Payne Stewart play in the final day singles in last years Ryder Cup matches at Brookline?

Send your answer to and if you are the lucky winner drawn out of the hat, you could be the proud owner of a Brand new Black blade SeeMore Putter, as used by the late Payne Stewart.

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