How can I drive the ball like Tiger Woods? Here's 3 of the BIGGEST driver myths

GolfMagic takes a look at three things you really need to concentrate on to perform better with the big stick

How can I drive the ball like Tiger Woods? Here's 3 of the BIGGEST driver myths
How can I drive the ball like Tiger Woods? Here's 3 of the BIGGEST driver…

One of the biggest questions we constantly face in golf is what is more important, driving or putting? 

Think of it this way, if you three-putt every single hole then you've had 54 shots and you haven't even hit a ball off the tee. 

Putting, at least in my mind, far outweighs the importance of driving because these are where shots are lost the most. 

Bryson DeChambeau has shown us we can all get away with a bad drive, but if you can't get the ball in the hole then we have a problem. 

That being said, driving is of course extremely important and when it goes wrong it makes us want to quit and go for an early pint. 

That's why GolfMagic decided to ask their local pros for their biggest myths of driving and explain the reality of the situation. 

Let's take a look at three of the biggest myths they picked out:

1. Don't go low and wide

Width is extremely important but the length of the driver will naturally create that. 

If you go "too low and wide" the clubhead is too far away from the golf ball and it's not possible to maintain the width. 

The chances are, you'll break down at the top of the backswing and your arms will fold. 

If you get obsessed with going low and wide you'll get out of sequence and it will cause too much tension in the hands. 

It's far better to get a bit of wrist set earlier with the use of a piece of training equipment. 

2. Don't shift your weight onto the right side

There is a huge difference between shifting pressure and shifting weight. 

Think of it this way: try and load up your weight into the inside of your right heel creating a stable base. 

Most people think they need to load up all of their weight onto their right side and then swing on through. 

But this causes a sway and means your sequencing can get all out of kilter. 

Turn and wind up against your right side, that creates the power. 

Mirror drills are great for this and watch yourself getting that pressure onto the trail side. 

3. Swinging too fast

This is a pretty funny one. 

How many times have you heard the phrase: "I'm swinging too fast". 

You most definitely are not swinging too fast. 

It's the sequence that is letting you down. 

We need speed through the ball but we need to sequence ourselves from the ground up. 

Watch Rory McIlroy in slow-motion and you'll see it clear as day. 

He transfers the energies of the club from the ground up. 

His lower body goes first, then his torso, then his hands and arms sweep on through. 



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