How to spot a golf cheat

With a lot of allegations flying around at the moment, watch this video on how to spot a golf cheat.

Howto spot a golf cheat
Howto spot a golf cheat

Patrick Reed is saying that he didn't improve his lie intentionally and therefore he wasn't 'cheating' as so many golf fans have put it lately, since his incident at the Hero World Challenge. Well have you ever spotted a golf cheat at your local club? Watch the video below from the our friends at GOLFMATES and make sure you're aware of the different ways some people try to bend the rules...



What you've just seen in the video are all very common occurences on the golf course. Yes, some people just play for fun and want to enjoy the sport more, so they might not take the rules seriously, but if you're a regular in club matches then you need to know when someone isn't playing fair.

Let's recap some of the cheating techniques from the video so you know what to be cautious of out on the course.

The Hairy Muff

One of the most casual ways of cheating around. It's so simple to do and it doesn't look like they're doing much wrong, but it will make a huge difference to the player's next shot. Checking to see if it's your ball and placing it nicely on the turf is against the rules. The player is improving their lie and making sure they can get a cleaner contact on the ball.

The Tag Team

You'd have definitely seen this one before and make sure you keep an eye out for it if you're playing in a doubles match. A player finds himself a little too close to the branches of a tree and their team mate quickly holds the branches out of the way.

David Copperfield

This one can be tricky to keep an eye on, so make sure you know which ball your opponent is using and remember any markings they have on the ball, as far too many players get away with dropping another ball when it looks like they've lost it.

Make sure you watch the video to see all of the different cheating techniques that GOLFMATES warn you about, but be careful when accusing someone of cheating!

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