iGolfball becomes WORLD'S FIRST artificial intelligence golf ball selector

iGolfball harnesses cutting-edge AI technology to tell you what golf ball to play and how many shots you will save by switching.

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Thu, 8 Jul 2021
iGolfball becomes WORLD's FIRST artificial intelligence golf ball selector

Golfers spend over $5 billion a year on golf balls. But most of this expenditure is wasted as players find it almost impossible to differentiate manufacturer marketing claims for reality. 

iGolfball is the world's first artificial intelligence golf ball selector. It harnesses cutting-edge AI technology to tell you what golf ball to play and how many shots you will save by switching.

iGolfball undertakes a forensic analysis of your playing performance and combines it with the specific characteristics of the course you intend to play, to produce a custom user profile unique to 1 in 194,481 players.

The AI then undertakes 29,484 calculations to tell you exactly what golf ball you should use for competitions and general play.

For golfers on a budget, iGolfball includes a budget golf ball assessment. Meaning that no matter who you are, how long you have been playing for or your personal circumstances, iGolfball knows the right golf ball for you.

iGolfball includes a sophisticated adjustment tool, allowing golfers to adjust their recommended golf ball to their personal circumstances and playing conditions.

iGolfball combines research data with over 50 open-source studies into golf ball performance to provide you with the most accurate and reliable golf ball recommendations on the market.

"For many golfers, the search for their perfect golf ball is a long, expensive and frustrating process beset by difficult to distinguish marketing claims," said the iGolfball CEO.

"Now those days are over. iGolfball uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to tell you your perfect ball and how many shots you'll save by switching."