Junkyard Golf Club arrives in Liverpool

Liverpool joins London, Oxford, Manchester and Leeds as the latest Junkyard Golf hotspot. 

Junkyard Golf Club arrives in Liverpool
Junkyard Golf Club arrives in Liverpool


Junkyard Golf Club has a new location for its popular putting entertainment where golf meets the bar, after adding Liverpool to its already popular hotspots in London, Oxford, Manchester and Leeds.

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If you have never visited Junkyard Golf Club before, you're in for a treat.

When it comes to Liverpool's new location, there are three nine-hole golf courses all constructed from a whole batch of reclaimed and reworked parts. 

Throw in several snazzy bars that serve a large range of cocktails (all served with biscuits and sweets on them!) along with some funky party tunes, Junkyard Golf Club represents the perfect night for whatever the occasion. 

Junkyard Golf Club arrives in Liverpool


PABLO – POLLUTED PARADISE! - Take an excursion into the unknown as you navigate nine holes of polluted paradise. A once tranquil wild world, now sullied by creeping humanisation. Putt your way through the litter strewn jungle, around toxic tree frogs, past a deep cave bear wrestling cage and a Rihanna themed forest bathroom, until you reach the oil soaked ocean and Rio-On-Sea.
GARY – IT’S A SCRAPYARD TING! - This course has all of your disco garage needs, think 90’s tunes, a scrapyard slide and of course a UV garage room! Wind your way through written-off cars and auto-junk and putt’ straight outta the U-Bahn…
BOZO – TIME TO RUN AWAY FROM THE CIRCUS! - Roll up, roll up! It’s the creepiest show on earth. Hate clowns? GOOD! Face your fears through nine holes of circus freaks and fairground creeps. Check out the Ferris Wheel, Hall of Mirrors and avoid some pretty scary clowns.

To learn more, visit the Junkyard Golf Club website.

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