More than ONE THIRD of UK golf clubs have cash flow issues

New research provided by GGA Partners reveals some worrying news for UK private members' golf clubs...

More than ONE THIRD of UK golf clubs have cash flow issues
More than ONE THIRD of UK golf clubs have cash flow issues

A new survey conducted by GGA Partners has revealed more than a third of UK private members' golf clubs are currently facing cash flow problems despite the apparent golf boom across the nation. 

A total of 37% of private members' golf clubs in the UK are currently facing financial issues during the coronavirus pandemic, with a number of those clubs facing the distinct possibility of having to close down in 2021. 

According to this research, claims The Golf Business, 43% of members of UK golf clubs expect their disposable income to decline rapidly over the next 12 months, while 58% believe their overall consumer spending will also drop significantly.

The survey also indicates that just shy of 10% of golf clubs consider their current cash position as "critical", with 29% claiming it to be "concerning."

This news comes just 24 hours after a third golf club in the UK confirmed it was shutting down due to the impact of COVID-19 - READ THE FULL REPORT HERE.

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