Paige Spiranac slams reaction to viral video: "Same women harshly judge me"

Golf's social media superstar Paige Spiranac has criticised the sexist 'double standards' after a MLB video went viral on social media. 

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Tue, 27 Jun 2023
Paige Spiranac slams reaction to viral video: "Same women harshly judge me"

If there's one thing we know about golf's glamour girl Paige Spiranac, it's that she's not afraid to speak her mind. 

This time Paige, 30, decided to put those commenting on a viral video involving two muscular baseball players in her cross hairs. 

Usually Paige is using her fame and popularity to wade in on golf's hottest topics or predicting another major championship disappointment for Rory McIlroy

But this time Paige, who is more popular on Instagram than Tiger Woods, decided to use her growing platform to express her anger and disappointment over a short clip of two shirtless male baseball players grappling. 

Paige wrote:

"Interesting how different the reaction is online when men choose to show off their bodies. Not one comment on this video calling them attention whores or sluts. Just a ton of women saying baseball is now their favorite sport but those same women harshly judge me. The hypocrisy lol." 

See here: 

The two men in the clip are members of the Savannah Party Animals. They are an exhibition baseball team from Atlanta, Georgia. 

Paige has wanted to film more content with men but in the past has expressed concern about rumours that would inevitably surface. 

She recently had to pour cold water on one rumour involving Rickie Fowler

It's the same story should she ever get the opportunity to shoot some content with the likes of Woods or even Tom Brady. 





She previously told her Instagram followers in a Q&A:

"One thing people don't talk about with being a woman in a male-dominated industry, whether it's golf or the sports industry, is that any time I do content with another man there are rumors and comments, and it's all disgusting sexual stuff. 
"It's just so unfair, and any time I'm pictured with another man … the comments are just gross. 
"It's really frustrating because I don't feel like I get to interact with people normally … I don't want to start any of those rumours for myself or for them. 
"I just wish people could be normal and realize that here could just be a male-female working relationship with nothing else going on."

Elsewhere, Paige was one of the first to defend Justin Thomas after he was filmed aimed an expletive to newly-crowned U.S. Open champion Wyndham Clark. 

The comment was made in jest but that didn't stop some criticising Thomas. Paige also revealed she grew up playing golf with Clark. 

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